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Care For Your Hands

Care For Your Hands

We’re all about anti-aging routines on our face & neck BUT why aren’t your hands shown the love they deserve? A hand care routine might sound EXTRA but hands have become one of the first body parts that reveal your age. Here are some tips to keep your hands youthful. 



You should always be washing and sanitizing your hands  thoroughly but were focusing on this now more than ever!

If you're using hand sanitizer make sure it has nourishing ingredients that will also hydrate your skin like our touch land power mist or is clinical hand sanitizer





We always preach that prevention is better than correction, make sure you are always wearing SPF on your hands as well! Use a moisturizer to nourish and replenish dried out hands.



Laser Genesis on hands has become increasingly popular in our studio. If sun & age spots are your main concern Clear + Brilliant will help!


Let CJ Laser Help Keep Your Hands Youthful ✨

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